May 18

First day of shooting with the Cyber-Apes™

Here are a few stills of Captain John Mac™ and Lady Wikariin™ fighting with the Cyber-Apes™.  This was shot about a hour outs die of Toronto in the badlands.  The cast and crew had a long but fun and productive day. We look forward to seeing the action!


sci-fi, scy-fy, science fiction, cyber-apes, space, captain

Captain John Mac™ and Lady Wikariin™ running towards the Cyber-Apes™ lair

sci-fi, sy-fy, science fiction, cyber-apes, space, captain

Gang of Cyber-Apes™

sci-fi, sy-fy, science fiction, cyber-apes, space, captain, channel

The captain and Lady Wikariin™ devising a strategy.


sci-fi, sy-fy, science fiction, cyber-apes, space, captain, channel, apes

The King of the Cyber-Apes™

Mar 29

Production Continues

Looks like nothing can hold back Planet 15, not even the recent tragic death of it’s lead actor Clive Olden who played “Captain John Mac”, here are some snaps from the production that show a new actor wearing the captains jacket…   Looks like the show will go on!










Dec 02

Actor Clive Olden Killed in Tragic Motorcycle Accident

Fans of Planet 15 are in shock today over news that the actor who plays Captain John Mac actor died violently and suddenly last night as his motorcycle hit a semi trailer truck at high velocity.


sci-fi, science fiction series mac captain death

R.I.P. Clive Olden, you will be truly missed.

Actor Clive Olden the actor who played the role was to have beed seen driving recklessly along the Don Valley Parkway on his Motorcycle at speeds at over 160 KPH (100 MPH) .  Everyone involved with the production is in shock at the news and is wondering what will happen to the production.  Producer Susan Ling made a official statement this morning wishing his family and friends condolences and that his loss is a deeply felt tragedy but however, “the show must go on and they will soon be looking for his replacement, as even if this is a major set back to the production, his role will have to be filled due to contractual obligations.” .

Police at this time are refusing to comment on if drugs or alcohol were involved with the accident.

This makes us wonder,  who is big enough to fill his shoes and interplanetary military jacket?  Will the show go on?  We will have to wait and see…

Aug 20

Cover for issue #7 of Planet 15 Comic Book leaked To Press

Looks like issue #7 cover of the revamped Planet 15 comic book has been leaked to the press. This is the issue when Captain John Mac™ and the crew of the Allegiance™ meet the King of the Cyber-Apes™ for the first time. Matt Sparrow,  director of the live action series is quoted as saying if he finds the Dargarian ass that leaked it, heads will roll.


sci-fi science fiction movie TV apes cyber

Issue #7 – King of The Cyber-Apes™

Aug 01

Some Production Snaps

Here are a few snaps from the production.


spaceship bridge alien comic book

The Bridge

spaceship bridge alien comic book enginroom

The Engineroom

spaceship bridge alien comic book bridge blue narubu

Narubu on the bridge.

Aug 01

Planet 15 Release Being Pushed Back

According to producer Susan Ling said today it is unfortunate but due to some recent firings in the 3D animation department the production is being pushed back to a 2016 release.  She went on to say that the production team is looking at new ways of creating the space battle scenes and are even exploring such options like live action models rather than computer generated ones.


No more CGI? live action model

No more CGI?

Aug 01

What is Planet 15?

There seems to be some confusion about what planet 15 is.  Planet 15 is a live action series based on the 12 comic books of the same name written by Clint Adam Smyth.  It is being adapted for screen by director Matt Sparrow and writer Lawrence Ling.  The series starts at the beginning of episode 9 (If Lucas can start on episode 4 we can start on episode 9) in a heated battle between 2  Hakian Sub Destroyers™ and the crew of the Allegiance™ helmed by Captain John Mac™ and his ragtag crew.


3D art spaceship space art freighter Planet15

A still from the 3D Department

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 3.48.26 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 3.44.45 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 3.47.05 PM

Apr 29

Issue #2 Planet 15 Comic Book Cover Leaked to public.

It was discovered that one of the fan sites posted an unauthorized pre posting of the cover for issue #2 of the newly revamped comic book Planet 15.  Producer Susan Ling was un-happy, but she is also quoted as saying, “well it is out there now, lets get some reaction from the fans.”  The cover was created by Paul Limgenco under the art direction of series creator Clint Adam Smyth.  We think it looks great!  Can hardly wait to see the entire issue!




Planet 15 Comic graphic novel Book Cover Issue #2

Planet 15 Comic Book Cover, Issue #2

Feb 11

Make up test for Lady Wiakriin™

Here we see a few make-up and set tests for Lady Wikariin™ who is the ships main engineer, she is of the Ashantu race like Narubu, but we decided to soften up her look as compared the the males of the species.  Lady Wikariin™ is being played by actress Ida Jagaric who is known for her “Lady Knight” character.


science fiction alien blue lady girl woman

Lady Wikariin™ in Engineering

Jan 25

Dr. WHO: Worst Science Fiction Show Ever.

Recently the british television show Dr.Who celebrated it’s 50th anniversary.  We ask ourselves here, “How did this terrible show manage to last 50 years?”  I mean it had bad acting,  horrible scripts and even worse special effects.  (I know the effects got better with the new version of the show, but they were still at kindergarden level)


DR Who sucks monkey balls

What is with that big head?


I remember occasionally flipping channels as a kid and seeing this big scary head appear, so I would watch a few minutes until I saw some crappy monsters like the Darlicks or Darleks what the hell ever they are, just plain retarded if you ask me.  So then I would switch channels until I could find a good science fiction show like Star Trek which was light years ahead of Dr. Who.

Many Years later I heard they were doing a new version of the show, so I thought I would again give it a chance.  What a waste of time and money.  The special effects were marginally better, and the acting was still sub-par, all-though I do give credit to David Tennant, who was probably the only belivable actor ever in Dr. Who, good going David.

Dr. Who Sucks Monkey Balls Science Fiction

David Tennant The only good actor ever in Dr.Who

The biggest problem with the show for me is that it seems to be written and acted for 5 year olds, which is fine if you are 5 years old, for anyone who is older is just comes across as childish rubbish.  Maybe they should put it on the Disney Channel or something, but that big floating head at the beginning might give them (the kids) nightmares for the rest of their lives, so it might not even be appropriate for them.

If there is one silver lining that came out of Dr. who,  it is probably it’s spinoff  “Torchwood”  which at least seemed to be written for an older audience, and did have much better acting.  John Barrowman was great in it as “Captain Jack Harkness” and it was overall a good series except for the last season where they decided to go to America and it was just plain stupid.

Dr. Who Sucks Monkey Balls Science Fiction

John Barrowman As Captain Jack Harkness

I hope the BBC finally cancels this atrocity of a science fiction show for once in for all, but it looks like they have a new doctor, and will keep putting out the same old crap forever.  God help us all.


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