Apr 29

Issue #2 Planet 15 Comic Book Cover Leaked to public.

It was discovered that one of the fan sites posted an unauthorized pre posting of the cover for issue #2 of the comic book Planet 15.  Producer Susan Michael was un-happy, but she is also quoted as saying, “well it is out there now, lets get some reaction from the fans.”  The cover was created by Paul Limgenco under the art direction of series creator Clint Adam Smyth.  We think it looks great!  Can hardly wait to see the entire issue!




Planet 15 Comic graphic novel Book Cover Issue #2

Planet 15 Comic Book Cover, Issue #2

Mar 11

Trailer out now for Planet 15

Here we see a pre-production trailer / teaser for the show, we still don’t have a lot of elements created yet, so

it is a little rough, but should give you the general direction and feel of the project.

Planet 15 – Trailer from BIG CITY STUDIO on Vimeo.

Feb 11

Make up test for Lady Wiakriin™

Here we see a few make-up and set tests for Lady Wikariin™ who is the ships main engineer, she is of the Ashantu race like Narubu, but we decided to soften up her look as compared the the males of the species.  Lady Wikariin™ is being played by actress Ida Jagaric who is known for her “Lady Knight” character.


science fiction alien blue lady girl woman

Lady Wikariin™ in Engineering

Jan 25

Dr. WHO: Worst Science Fiction Show Ever.

Recently the british television show Dr.Who celebrated it’s 50th anniversary.  We ask ourselves here, “How did this terrible show manage to last 50 years?”  I mean it had bad acting,  horrible scripts and even worse special effects.  (I know the effects got better with the new version of the show, but they were still at kindergarden level)


DR Who sucks monkey balls

What is with that big head?


I remember occasionally flipping channels as a kid and seeing this big scary head appear, so I would watch a few minutes until I saw some crappy monsters like the Darlicks or Darleks what the hell ever they are, just plain retarded if you ask me.  So then I would switch channels until I could find a good science fiction show like Star Trek which was light years ahead of Dr. Who.

Many Years later I heard they were doing a new version of the show, so I thought I would again give it a chance.  What a waste of time and money.  The special effects were marginally better, and the acting was still sub-par, all-though I do give credit to David Tennant, who was probably the only belivable actor ever in Dr. Who, good going David.

Dr. Who Sucks Monkey Balls Science Fiction

David Tennant The only good actor ever in Dr.Who

The biggest problem with the show for me is that it seems to be written and acted for 5 year olds, which is fine if you are 5 years old, for anyone who is older is just comes across as childish rubbish.  Maybe they should put it on the Disney Channel or something, but that big floating head at the beginning might give them (the kids) nightmares for the rest of their lives, so it might not even be appropriate for them.

If there is one silver lining that came out of Dr. who,  it is probably it’s spinoff  ”Torchwood”  which at least seemed to be written for an older audience, and did have much better acting.  John Barrowman was great in it as “Captain Jack Harkness” and it was overall a good series except for the last season where they decided to go to America and it was just plain stupid.

Dr. Who Sucks Monkey Balls Science Fiction

John Barrowman As Captain Jack Harkness

I hope the BBC finally cancels this atrocity of a science fiction show for once in for all, but it looks like they have a new doctor, and will keep putting out the same old crap forever.  God help us all.


Dec 16

Ship Flight Test

Here we see our first few seconds of the flight test of the Freighter “Allegiance”  making a quick fly by.  Our Art department head Ian Mah wanted to say he only lit up one side of the engines for this test and he is “still working on them”,  we think they look great so far and hope to see all 4 engines fired up for our next test.


Dec 13

Some Stills from First Day of Shooting Cran™

Here are some production stills from first day of shooting Cran™ (Gunner #2).  Actor Jean Van Husen did a great job and flexed both his acting and physical muscles for the shoot.   Producer Susan Michaels was impressed with his performance and was quoted as saying  ”The audience will get their moneys worth with him”  With that shoot done it marks the last of filming days for Episode 9, Now its up to the post-production team to do their magic.


gun show muscle man kung fu karate actor sci-fi science fiction

Cran™ in the ship.



gun show muscle man kung fu karate actor

Cran showing his guns.

Nov 13

First Day of Shooting Lexren™

Shooting of 1 of the freighters gun turrets went well yesterday with actress Claudia MacPherson playing Lexren™.  The team had a blast shooting the scenes and looks like there should be some good battles to look forward to.  Next up  the team will be shooting Cran™ the gunner on the other side of the ship.  Episode 9 is really shaping up! Should be great to see it with all the components in place. Release Date for Episode 9 is expected around Feb 2014.


Claudia MacPherson gunner spaceship sci-fi science fiction movie TV

Claudia MacPherson Looking Fine. 6


sexy girl gun gunner spaceship sci-fi science fiction movie TV

Relaxing at the gun turret

Claudia MacPherson gunner spaceship sci-fi science fiction movie TV

At the controls


Nov 06

First Glimpse of Rendered Model of Freighter

Here we see our first real look at the 3D model our art guru Ian Mah had released, It is looking good so far, we still have a little tweaking and texturing etc, but getting very close to our vision of the freighter!  I can hardly wait to see it in action!


The Freighter in a Nubula spaceship sci-fi planet 15

The Freighter in a Nubula

Oct 08

Gunners Turret Under Construction

Here are a few early shots of our gunners turret.  We still have lots of things to do on it, but it is coming along nicely.  It has a slightly darker feel to it than the rest of the ship, but then again it is a big ass gun, so that makes sense.


Gunner Camera Test -  sci-fi science fiction planet 15

Lots more dials, rivets and lights coming, so far so good.

Gunner Camera Test -  sci-fi science fiction planet 15

The Gunners Chair

Gunner Camera Test - A rare shot of series creator Clint Adam Smyth sci-fi science fiction planet 15

Gunner Camera Test – A rare shot of series creator Clint Adam Smyth

Aug 05

Lost Scroll Of Dargarian Prime Found

Sources on Planet 3 (formerly Dargarian Prime)  today confirmed they found the lost scrolls of the now extinct Dargarian race.  Planet 1 officials will be sent out to verify their authenticity, but officials say this may give clues to how and why the Dagarians came out of existence.

The Sacred Scroll of Dargaria? sci fi alien text science fiction

The Sacred Scroll of Dargaria?

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