Sep 05

INTERVIEW – LAWRENCE LING on season 2 of Planet 15

After a final wrap up of production of season 2 of Planet 15, writer and co-creator Lawrence Ling talks

abut his recent experience of working on season two of “Planet 15”

Aug 10

3 Hour Cut of Dune Now (unofficially) Out!

dune movie David lynch sci-fi sy fy science fiction

David Lynch’s 1984 movie Dune (based on Frank Herbert’s Novel) was probably the most ambitious sci-fi movie ever created, but some fans felt it skipped over some of the finer points of the book.  David Lynch was aware of this (and so were the studio heads) when they created it, as they realize that it would be a 8 hour movie if it included every scene in the book.  So David was under contract to bring the finished film to under 2.5 hours in length.  This disappointed many fans and may also be why 2 previous attempts to translate this movie into film failed before they even shot a frame of footage.  This massive super-cut of David Lynch’s cult-classic is comprised of footage from the original theatrical cut, the extended TV cut, and deleted scenes.  Enjoy and grab your spiced popcorn!







Dune: The Complete Saga from Michael Warren on Vimeo.

Jul 23

An Android AI knitted us a virtual sweater.

Planet 15 obtained a interesting “first of” status today where an Android AI (Artificial Intelligence)  reach out and contacted a sci-fi production to tell them that it enjoyed the show, It also said that it liked them on Facebook.   Planet 15 is the first to be to be liked by a sentient AI, known as 15-54-XA or “Bob” for short.  It also knitted us this Artificial Sweater (AS).

Dream of Electric Sheep

Dream of Electric Sheep





Jul 01

Season One Production Snaps

Here are a few snaps from season one of Planet 15

spaceship bridge alien comic book

The Bridge

spaceship bridge alien comic book enginroom

The Engineroom

spaceship bridge alien comic book bridge blue narubu

Narubu on the bridge.

May 26

First Look at the Cyber-Ape Guards™

The Cyber-Ape Guards™ are the standard troops of the Cyber-Ape™ regime.

They have been genetically implanted at the age of 3 with their laser eye defence mechanism.



May 18

First day of shooting with the Cyber-Apes™

Here are a few stills of Captain John Mac™ and Lady Wikariin™ fighting with the Cyber-Apes™.  This was shot about a hour outside of Toronto in the badlands.  The cast and crew had a long but fun and productive day. We look forward to seeing the action!


sci-fi, scy-fy, science fiction, cyber-apes, space, captain

Captain John Mac™ and Lady Wikariin™ running towards the Cyber-Apes™ lair

sci-fi, sy-fy, science fiction, cyber-apes, space, captain, channel

The captain and Lady Wikariin™ devising a strategy.


sci-fi, sy-fy, science fiction, cyber-apes, space, captain, channel, apes

The King of the Cyber-Apes™

Mar 29

Production Continues

Looks like nothing can hold back Planet 15, not even the recent tragic death of it’s lead actor Clive Olden who played “Captain John Mac”, here are some snaps from the production that show a new actor wearing the captains jacket…   Looks like the show will go on!










Dec 02

Actor Clive Olden Killed in Tragic Motorcycle Accident


sci-fi, science fiction series mac captain death

R.I.P. Clive Olden, you will be truly missed.

Fans of Planet 15 are in shock today over news that the actor who plays Captain John Mac actor died violently and suddenly last night as his motorcycle hit a semi trailer truck at high velocity.  Actor Clive Olden the actor who played the role was to have beed seen driving recklessly along the Don Valley Parkway on his Motorcycle at speeds at over 160 KPH (100 MPH) .  Everyone involved with the production is in shock at the news and is wondering what will happen to the production.  Producer Susan Ling made a official statement this morning wishing his family and friends condolences and that his loss is a deeply felt tragedy but however, “the show must go on and they will soon be looking for his replacement, as even if this is a major set back to the production, his role will have to be filled due to contractual obligations.” .

Police at this time are refusing to comment on if drugs or alcohol were involved with the accident.

This makes us wonder,  who is big enough to fill his shoes and interplanetary military jacket?  Will the show go on?  We will have to wait and see…

Nov 17

INTERVIEW – SUSAN LING on Season 2 of Planet 15

After a final wrap up of season 2 production of Planet 15, producer Susan ling talks abut her

recent experience of working on season two of “Planet 15”


Aug 20

Cover for issue #7 of Planet 15 Comic Book leaked To Press

Looks like issue #7 cover of the revamped Planet 15 comic book has been leaked to the press. This is the issue when Captain John Mac™ and the crew of the Allegiance™ meet the King of the Cyber-Apes™ for the first time. Matt Sparrow,  director of the live action series is quoted as saying if he finds the Dargarian ass that leaked it, heads will roll.


sci-fi science fiction movie TV apes cyber

Issue #7 – King of The Cyber-Apes™

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